The name of our organization is derived from an ancient Greek word 'Logos' which has a  rich breadth of meaning, but has at its core the ideas of communication, rationality, planning, and underlying universal principles.  Common English words such as 'dialogue', 'logic', and 'logistics' have their roots in 'logos'.

People of Logos is an organization committed to high quality communication, thinking, and planning in the human services sector.

People of Logos is a trading name of Professional Social Work Services of Australia Pty Ltd

(ABN 45 107 383282 / ACN 107 383 282).


who is 'People of Logos'


We have been trading for 12 years offering a diverse range of services for people in crisis or with high needs

One of the services we offer is “ In-Home Support” working with both children and adults with disabilities who require personal care and  support within their own homes.

We only offer this service to a maximum of 12 clients at any one time,

We believe in offering a quality and personal service to our clients, we believe this requires a personal approach to each client, therefore our philosophy is to be small but professional.

Additionally, within that service to agencies, clients or their families we specialise in support to those who  have special needs such as behavioural or emotional supports as well as having specific physical requirements


Our Contact Details


Mailing Address

PO Box 540


South Australia   5038



Office Address

469 Marion Rd

South Plympton 

South Australia   5038






(08) 8297 7887

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